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Where do I come from?

Awakening my own well-being - through healing the various effects of multiple mental, physical and sexual abuses (manifested as physical pain, allergies, eating disorders, low self-esteem, substance abuse, depression, etc), gifted me with the greatest university of life to learn from!  Opening my understanding of self to grow beyond the limitations I thought I had created lasting transformation and change - old pain and patterns no longer created my ‘now’.  I became aware of my Divine self and realised the freedom to create and choose in the new moments.  My passion for teaching and healing with spirit, follows over a decade of conscious personal development, motivation and teaching.  Motivation is now ‘inspiration’ and I continue to learn, having formal and informal qualifications. I owe much of my growth to my two children, who keep me very honest and real with myself - they keep me awake!  Thankyou for taking the time to grow yourself and in doing so contribute to humanity and our glorious Mother Earth.  My mantra is simple - ‘I am all that I am’ - with this in mind I am accepting and loving in my own growth and choose to ‘be’ within my journey - love a great adventure!

Some real possibilities I resonate with:

  • We are not alone, ever!
  • We are creating every moment, with every thought.
  • Time, birth and death, God and Selves are often mis-quoted and misunderstood.
  • The absolute truth is within us all, as is God.
  • True acceptance and trust of self along your journey – is the key to peace.
  • We are all one!
  • Your true, eternal access to love, peace and creation is within you and an expression of you.
  • Judgment, criticism, jealousy, fear, anger, depression, etc … is not from others, beneath the layers of confusion and mis-understanding, it is within us – go beyond these layers and find your inner truth, your God self! Bring this truth of you to the surface and these emotions can no longer hold on – your reality changes as you change.
  • Your ego-self is not your enemy – it is your greatest teacher – learn to understand, accept and love it – it is a part of you - and then experience the freedom from it.
  • Intention behind your creational thoughts are the true foundation of your life manifestations
  • You will know and accept that I love you – as you realize and grow your love within.
  • Love, light and life is infinite, eternal and ever-changing
  • See your experiences as your teachers, helping you grow and return to your Divine self
  • All you need is love...It is the breath, the nourishment, the joy, the sadness, the learning, the understanding, the kindness, the compassion, the acceptance, the freedom … the truth … the infinite

"May you be encouraged and empowered to find you
and all the truth and beauty you are
- awaken your well being and love your Divine life."



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