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Welcome to the site of Waking Up Wellbeing, a site of love, light, growth & insight. My name is Kerry and I invite you to journey through any areas that interest you - they offer insight and information that I hope assists you in the uplifting and loving ways that they are intended. You may want a personal reading or healing, or just seek a little free inspiration and connection. Whatever your reason, you are welcome and I wish you infinite love and light, peace and wellbeing along your Divine journey. Thankyou for dropping in.

Enjoy, Love Kerry

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Divine Intuitive / Psychic

Awakened & taught by my higher self and further blessed by the
many Ascended Masters, Goddess', Angels and countless Divinities

Angel Intuitive (accredited AI)
Accredited and taught by Doreen Virtue

Medical Intuitive
Assisted by many Divinities, Loving Light Beings and much method and wisdom from Atlantean experience

Earth Mother Healer
Loved and supported always by Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Teacher / Practitioner
A teaching portfolio spanning from countless courses, study and workshops, child care, adult training & personal development, evolving through to my passion in teaching others through Divinely guided workshops, private students & one on one consultations.

A little light note...
Although I have various official qualifications, I have gained most from my life experiences and that which I have been taught from the abundant Divine realms - I feel that this is where my true qualifications and understandings have grown from. I encourage you to awaken and live your own passions, make choices from love rather than fear, and it's many guises, and do that in life which makes your heart sing - official or not!

If I can inspire others to find their own truth, learn how to be who they really are and live their awakening infinite knowledge (and have the patience to allow themselves the time to integrate these changes), whilst choosing to experience peace and happiness along the way … then I am honoured, grateful and further inspired.

When you choose to live your personal truth, the ripple effect is endless and powerful, contributing to the whole transformation of ourselves and our beautiful Earth and Universe. Every drop is valuable and worthy - as are you - so thankyou for being … YOU! Love to you and your Divine expression.



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