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What is Divine Awakening?

The perception of this subject can vary, as do healers and their purposes.  I feel we are all well in essence and assist this realisation in you - to empower you in the creation of your divine life and natural wellness! I am a Divinely attuned psychic - channeling and focusing energy for awakening balance, harmony, wellbeing and the highest truth within one and all.  I gently facilitate awakening by connecting to your higher self, your guides, angels and divinities.  I channel infinite forms of energy - some known and recognised formally - and many beyond interpretation into our words -those that remain humbly nameless and in the moment for each of us.  I find it is that which we have no spoken word , the most divine and most powerful!  For the necessity of communication though, I have simply embodied these vibrational energy's and blessings as ’Divine Energy’.

Divine Energy
Divine energy is so powerfully effective, gentle, loving, warm and natural.  You may be aware of the warmth and/or subtle vibration as you receive.  With your acceptance of Divine energy, the wellbeing ripple effect through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, can begin the natural awakening of your true and powerful self.  Each experience is individual and perfect in that moment.

The Wellbeing Experience
Divine energy inspires a loving process within you and is transforming on every level.  Every experience is individual, channeled specifically for you.  A session may include chakra balance, energy cleansing, medical intuition, psychic surgery, universal balance (integrating past, present, future experiences, soul retrieval, etc  - returning the whole-self to the now - really effective results!), gentle trauma release, angel and divine readings, or something totally new in your moment!  To support the changes and healing/awakening within you, you will receive any accompanying messages and notes.  It is recommended that you take some ‘time out’ for yourself after any session to integrate, reflect and learn from your experience.

For Your Eternal Wellbeing
I am definite & clear in intention and I do a lot of the ‘pre’ work well before I even meet you.  I work with clarity, loving intention, my higher self and my Divine teachers and guides (those who are beneficial for each individual).  Working in this way is a total priority for me and ensures that you only receive from the Divine - for your highest good, and the highest good of all concerned, always - and with love.

Sharing words from those who have journeyed…

“ Initially challenged by my highest truth which you so lovingly guided me into the awareness of, I have always and remain still so deeply inspired by your commitment to total wellbeing. I am eternally grateful and infinitely blessed to be able to share this journey with you. Thank you - from my heart and soul for showing me how to confront, accept, nurture and heal myself with LOVE…” Nichole

“Kind thoughts, gentle heart, peacefully speaking words of wisdom..“ Margaret

“So grateful, inspired and excited to have experienced this connection with love.” Aly

“Thanks, that was a pretty amazing journey, connecting to my mum was just wonderful.” Anasuya

“Thankyou Kerry!! You always manage to make me feel inspired and uplifted. I am truly grateful!” Julie

“Great to meet you and be helped on my journey” Catherine




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