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Private Bookings

Universal Awakening & balance
Integrating past, present, future experiences, soul retrieval, etc - returning the whole-self to the now! Includes chakra, aura and planetary balance - a powerful platform for real change and very unique!

Cellular pain & trauma release
Releasing stored emotions and physical pain from the cellular body - facilitated for a gentle and powerful release/result

Divine Psychic Readings
Using angel oracle cards and direct channelling - with the purpose to assist your positive choices and empowered direction

Intuitive counselling & support
Encouraging personal truth and self-empowerment, supporting the process of personal, effective change

Space & Entity clearing
For your personal self, home, work, etc - lovingly helping energy and spirits move on with care - guaranteed results

Psychic development/tuition
Develop and open your own natural intuition - for personal or professional paths, beginners to advanced - individual and group tuition.  Also see ‘current events’ for any applicable workshops to assist your growth

Public Bookings

Public speaking/audience readings

Group bookings and workshops

Unique psychic events
Private functions, celebrations, fundraisers, etc.

Long Distance Bookings (World-wide)

Please register your details below, indicating what you would like to know or receive in your reading (you may indicate a maximum of 3 questions or leave it open for whatever comes through for you - either is effective) You will receive your personal reading via email within 48 hours after payment has been received. If personal circumstances or higher than normal requests are made this may affect the response time. For a healing, please indicate some general times you would be available to relax quietly by yourself for approximately 45 minutes, so I can co-ordinate a mutual time to work with you - this is not imperative but it is the most beneficial way for you to receive and experience a healing. For international bookings please indicate the time difference if you know it. I reside in the Southern Hemisphere of Australia.

Phone readings are also available by appointment only - simply phone within business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) to arrange a mutual time - phone appointments previously arranged can be held after hours. Payment options, times, etc will be discussed prior to actual phone session.

Confidentiality is absolute in all cases. I will not respond however, to any requests for information, etc in regards to hurting or threatening any individual on any level. I can only give that which I receive which is for the highest good for yourself and all concerned, across all time. All readings come from this intention and from the highest of love and truth. I am committed to assist you with such clarity and integrity, however your personal choices are yours to own and be responsible for, as it is with our lives of free-will and choices.

Energy Exchange / Price Guide

Any full session $150 (approx. 1 hour 20mins)
Children $65
Reading only $45/$65 (20/40 mins)
Group workshops start from $45
Beautiful Gift Certificates
Great savings on packages are also available!



"May you choose for yourself and others well and live your life
with love and peace.
Love and Light always, Kerry"


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