Good Gut Health Truth

July 23rd, 2013 No Comments

Good Gut Health Truth

Be educated on beneficial bacteria - healthy gut truths!  Good gut health affects your total well-being profoundly - don't miss this truly life-changing, readily available health potential!  Introduction to good fermenting, effective yoghurt - both coconut (vegan) & biodynamic dairy. Easy alternatives to milk (oat and almond), organic raw milk truths..

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About the author

My passion for teaching and assisting the wellbeing and balance of ourselves, our living planet and all that is - is just who I am! Although I've studied, researched, listened, learn't and taught for countless years (who's counting?) - my greatest understandings and offerings are given from my own experience in being, living and connection with the greatest wisdom that is available to us all... when we listen and receive with grace. My mantra is simple 'I am all that I am'. What I wish for you - 'be all of who you are' - whilst smiling, laughing, loving and adventuring wholesomely! Live and love deliciously! :)

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