Optimum Blender 9200 – 2012 Best Selling Vitamix Rival This is with a 5 Year Warranty

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I have done my research and after careful consideration...

I have chosen to be a distributor for the high performing and very reputable Optimum Blender.  I am hoping this will help any of you inspired raw foodies, whole foodies and green smoothie lovers alike, to obtain an awesome machine for your health journey.  I personally have both the Vita Mix Blender and the Optimum.  Read on to find out my verdict...


Why am I selling the Optimum?

Simply because it really does perform like the reputable Vita Mix (which I still love) - however - it does not carry the price tag, which can be out of reach for most of us! (It took me a couple of years and a few very average blenders until I finally took the plunge - and I've been grateful for awesome blending ever since!)  The Optimum delivers on performance and the 100% Australian owned company backs it's product 100%.  Check it out in depth if you like at www.optimum.com and see what you think.


What did I choose and why?

I have used both and given the choice of one - I'd choose the 9400 model.  The main differences are the buttons with a shut off timer (9200 model) or dial (9400 model), as well as the slightly bigger blades in the 9400 model for slightly more efficient blending of nut butters, etc. The 9400 rivals well against the Vita-mix.  For great smoothies and all general blending, the 9200 will do a great job. For a dash more efficient blending on thicker things, go the 9400. If you like to check out the full nitty gritty (I did - but I am a stickler for detail when I research!)  - I recommend you check out further comparisons at both www.optimum.com or www.froothie.com.au


How much is the Optimum Blender?:

The *current price for the 9200a unit with 5 year warranty is $479 plus $19 postage, totalling $498

*I endeavour to keep my site up to date as I am informed of changes - however - this price may vary if my supplier changes there pricing - please email me to confirm the price to assist you in making an accurate decision.  I can only supply at the current RRP as part of my agreement with the manufacturer, Froothie.


Great Colour Choices:

The new 9200a comes in white, black, red or silver. The 9400 comes in off white, black, burgundy red or silver.  Colours are subject to availability and I will keep you posted if there are any stock issues.



Your unit automatically comes with the 5 year warranty.  Optimum/Froothie offer a huge 10 year warranty option also - this is available at a cost of $200 (equates to $40 per year for the extra 5 years) - you may select this further option by adding the specific warranty product I've listed - please do so before you checkout)

For after sales service/warranty - all Optimum Blenders come with a 30 day money back guarantee and the warranty is fully serviced/supported at www.froothie.com.au or telephone sales/support anytime on 1800 309 900 -  'Froothie' are the 100% Australian owned company that brings us Optimum Blenders and are renowned for their customer service should you need any warranty assistance.


'Waking Up Wellbeing' Workshop Attendees Bonus:

Order with 'Waking Up Wellbeing' and you will be gifted with a $25 'eKoo' Gift Voucher - you can pass this on to someone as a gift, or deservingly enjoy for yourself.  Upon ordering and payment of your Optimum (using easy paypal or direct deposit/bank transfer), you will be sent a code to redeem this voucher for use toward any 'eKoo' product/s (not redeemable for cash, nor refundable in cash at any point, if your product is more than the voucher value, you simply pay the difference - no change can be given on vouchers). You simply redeem it at www.ekoo.com.au

(You can order this machine on other distributor sites - I don't mind - as long as you get yourself a good machine so you can support your health now.  I do, however, offer genuine care and service, alongside the above mentioned bonus to all my fabulous workshop attendees (past, present or future)...)


Whatever you choose - choose well for yourself and happy blending! Love and Vibrancy, Kerry, Waking Up Wellbeing :)


'Waking Up Wellbeing' is a trusted distributor for Optimum Blenders. You can direct any enquiries regarding your order details - to Kerry on 0404077704 or email kerry@wakingupwellbeing.com.au.


Note: The price shown below includes 9200 unit cost of $791 plus postage of $19.  $810 is  fully inclusive and is the total cost.


Price: $498.00

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