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July 23rd, 2013 2 Comments

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Welcome to the Waking Up Well Being blog of infinite writings!

I hope you enjoy connecting with any of the blog posts I add to this site.  Some are from me, some are from the Divine realms… and it’s all together most intentionally from love, grace and the truth as I know it and are given in every moment!  If you’re wanting lots of empowering food inspiration, you’ll find it here (my menu of writings will grow with us all).  If you love to hear from our Divine realms, then enjoy the channellings as they come.  I only ask that you decide what you resonate with and enjoy your journey wherever you are – that’s just perfect in every moment!


New to ‘Waking Up Wellbeing’

I’m so pleased to be offering my new workshop series of ‘Nutrition With Intuition‘.

You can attend one or all of the workshops – as often as you like!

Unlike a one off workshop – which can enthuse us for a little while (but then old habits and emotions often creep back!) – the ‘Nutrition with Intuition’ workshops are focused on assisting your conscious and confident connection to authentic food – to EMPOWER YOU and assist the process for your life change and whole-self discoveries!  They are a connected series, including the choice of morning and afternoon sessions, full day intensives (without any intensive stress of course!) and/or individual coaching for those who wish (by arrangement).

The workshops vary in subject matter – all with a focus on life force (lots of raw) and nourishing foods – from local, sustainable, organic and ethical sources – AND – how to find it all EASILY, AFFORDABLY, JOYFULLY!  Yes – it is possible to have your delicious raw cake… and eat it to!  You choose what works for you and how often you’d like to enjoy some new inspiration!

Hope you’re feeling the excitement as great change is in the air… grab some of the good stuff for yourself

Other places of interest…

The current site you are on is the site for ongoing sharing and writing (please do comment where you wish to share:).  If you would like to view the main website, learn more about where I resonate, and more of what I offer - please go to www.wakingupwellbeing.com.au

‘Waking Up Wellbeing’ also released a beautiful skincare range in 2007, known as ‘eKoo, energy and organics’. If you want to find a truly authentic skin and home care range handmade with Mother Earth’s direction and true integrity… see www.ekoo.com.au

 “Change is necessary & inevitable – choose the direction yours takes!” Love & Nourishment, Kerry :)


PS – I would love to have you come to one or all in this first series – however – I only ask that you decide if it ‘feels’ right for you.  Trust your own instincts when deciding (listen to the inner, calm, wise self within you – this is the voice you can always trust).  That’s one of the keys to ‘Nutrition with Intuition’ – listening and trusting within you!


About the author

My passion for teaching and assisting the wellbeing and balance of ourselves, our living planet and all that is - is just who I am! Although I've studied, researched, listened, learn't and taught for countless years (who's counting?) - my greatest understandings and offerings are given from my own experience in being, living and connection with the greatest wisdom that is available to us all... when we listen and receive with grace. My mantra is simple 'I am all that I am'. What I wish for you - 'be all of who you are' - whilst smiling, laughing, loving and adventuring wholesomely! Live and love deliciously! :)

‘Raw Winter – Keeping Warm and Inspired’

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I am inspired by the beautiful attendees I’ve had the privilege to meet and share with so far… it’s so nice to witness joyful change, inspiration and people ‘doing’ what it takes to awaken their true ‘being’. The feedback has bought some happy tears to my eyes! And so far no one has expressed pain – only the likes of joy and excitement! I would like you all to know how much you touch my heart with your love and enthusiasm! Change is happening and we are choosing our direction! YAY to all of you! YAY to your empowerment! YAY to the raising of your health and happiness! Doing a little dance now… love and radiance, Kerry :)


I’ve added new workshop times – check them out and see if any work for you :)