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beetroot shoots

Here are some ingredients for some basic sustainability and personal empowerment!


  • Grow some vege’s… greens are sooo easy! (see my upcoming sharing on wicking beds – I just learn’t this – very cool and easy!)
  • Use less packaged, processed stuff
  • Support local markets for what you don’t grow
  • Be an awesome woman of substance…a no excuse’s and self-loving kind of woman!
  • Or… be an awesome man of substance… generous of heart and gumption ta-boot!
  • Share what you do grow with others
  • Get amongst it in the world and keep learning
  • Love yourself daily, with simple self loving choices and deeds
  • Make fresh juices, green smoothies and gorgeous life giving raw foods
  • Lead by example – not ego, simply a loving example of great integrity
  • Say no to commercialisation – by not buying all of it!
  • Think before you buy… is it what you need for true practicality or joy… is it made to last or will it fill the Earth with more crap than she deserves!?
  • Clear old stuff – re-use it, re-create it, recycle it – or pass it on to someone who can use it.
  • Love yourself some more!
  • Every bit of good, greatness and love counts.
  • Every bit of crap, ignorance and greed counts to… and hurts.
  • Integrate change into your life at a pace you can handle…
  • Sometimes integrate change into your life at a pace that scares the crap out of your comfort …zone… yet is going to give you the change you really need!
  • Use your instincts, intuition, knowledge and responsible attitude when making decisions – you own them!
  • Get out into the sunshine at wiser times of the day – without shading your eyes with glasses.
  • Grow some more vege’s now that your confidence and excitement is growing
  • Make more green smoothies – and any other awesome new foods your integrating into your life
  • Go learn some more, stay connected, stay inspired, stay moving, stay loved


Things you won’t need…

  • A man is not necessary to help you grow a garden, mend chicken wire, buy what you need or remind you how awesome you are – you have you for all of that (although – if you have a good partner in grime… awesome!)
  • Spare time…  no – this is overrated and misunderstood… becoming empowered, sustaining your life and loving yourself is not really a spare time thingy!  It’s a living choice that – with your permission of course – can be a chosen priority!
  • If in doubt to the importance of living a more awesome life, please refer to your inner voice from the heart for your personal manual on ‘Living the life you came here for – really’ (You’ll find it in quite contemplation – maybe meditation, 4 in the morning, 11 at night when all is quiet… you’ll know when you can find yours)
  • You won’t need fear – just astuteness and intuition that you learn to trust and listen to.
  • You won’t need to ask anyone’s permission or advice as to whether you should put you and your new choices into action – you have your freedom of choice and self responsibility suit on remember… not to mention you are soooo wise – you know what you truly need! (Positive friends are good for extra ideas usually though – so surround yourself with some of them of course!)
  • You won’t need to beat yourself up if at first you don’t succeed. Keep going in your authentic direction – learn, experience, adjust where necessary, love yourself some more (maybe another green smoothie, turn the soil a little more, move your body spontaneously to wild music?) – oh –  and keep on keeping on the path of your own heart.


In a nutshell…

Don’t stay stagnant with just saying it, wishing it or making excuses for not being able to do it – Just do it – and you will become it ( whatever it is you choose)

Love and great Earthen wisdom to you, always, Kerry :)


Note: Copyright permission is both appreciated and required if you wish to publish any channellings, photography or works from ‘Waking Up Wellbeing’ and Kerry Worth



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My passion for teaching and assisting the wellbeing and balance of ourselves, our living planet and all that is - is just who I am! Although I've studied, researched, listened, learn't and taught for countless years (who's counting?) - my greatest understandings and offerings are given from my own experience in being, living and connection with the greatest wisdom that is available to us all... when we listen and receive with grace. My mantra is simple 'I am all that I am'. What I wish for you - 'be all of who you are' - whilst smiling, laughing, loving and adventuring wholesomely! Live and love deliciously! :)

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