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Note: ‘These are living workshops – like us – and may need to slightly change if necessary & inevitable – I intend them to be perfect in the moment for all!”

Workshop cancellations or changes to bookings policy:
This is intended as a friendly, fair and firm policy – which is necessary to keep attendance commitments clear so that I do not turn any others away when we meet maximum workshop numbers. I know most food workshops have a ‘no cancellation’ policy – which I totally understand, knowing just what it takes to prepare and organise these kind of events! I will, however, do my best to accommodate special circumstances where I can. This policy is designed to assist all of us.

In general terms – the cancellation policy is as follows:

All workshop payments are non-refundable.

If more than 2 weeks notice from specific workshop dates are given – they may be held in credit for future workshops or in some cases for other ’Waking Up Wellbeing’ products (upon agreement/arrangements with myself)

If less than 2 weeks and up to 1 week prior to the workshop – the booking is transferable only (not able to be used in credit) – to another person arranged by you and notified/re-registered in writing.

This policy is changeable at the discretion of Kerry Worth, Waking Up Wellbeing (but will not alter any agreement with current bookings)

Note: Although I understand that illness and/or unforseen circumstances may occur, I cannot absorb changes other than those offered above – as I commit to your attendance from the outset. I hope you find these conditions fair and easy to understand.

Thankyou – live well & smile often, Kerry


About the author

My passion for teaching and assisting the wellbeing and balance of ourselves, our living planet and all that is - is just who I am! Although I've studied, researched, listened, learn't and taught for countless years (who's counting?) - my greatest understandings and offerings are given from my own experience in being, living and connection with the greatest wisdom that is available to us all... when we listen and receive with grace. My mantra is simple 'I am all that I am'. What I wish for you - 'be all of who you are' - whilst smiling, laughing, loving and adventuring wholesomely! Live and love deliciously! :)

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